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2013 spring clean…

Posted: April 4, 2013 in My Work

I cleaned up this blog which looked like it was made up of items found in the internet skip. I believe I dumped about 30 links on here with the intention to polish them at a later date. So here I am, almost 3 years later, doing just that. I’ve just come out of hospital and recovering from surgery on both my knees. I have a million other work I should be doing but my post-anaesthetic and/or current-painkiller brain just doesn’t seem to be capable of engaging in any real mind-taxing work.

I cleaned up my art website too.

Something strange happened since I woke up from anaesthetic: I cannot stop thinking about graffiti. It’s always been a part of my life since I was about 14, but just in the background. Perhaps the lack of visual creativity in my day job has lead my brain to crave some hands-on, colourful, limitless expression without rules.

Anyway, I need to do more. I have been drawing, and am determined to dust off my spray paint and start making – and perhaps even selling – some of my artwork.

In case you were Pinterested, I love Pinterest. Its been getting me through my recovery. I mainly pin 3D Graffiti, Graphic Design and Fresh trainers.

I also updated my Tumblr. I have had an account for years but recently revisited on a mission to find graffiti inspiration. My recent return made me realise what a dark corner of the internet Tumblr has become, it reminds me of efnet around 2008/9. Lots of interesting and fascinating ideas, some beautiful snippets of peoples expression, permeated by highly sexualised and/or disturbing imagery which keeps you on your toes when browsing, as every now and then it is booby trapped with an animated gif of some irreversible scene you never asked to see.