EDO/BSME event ‘What’s on your iPad?

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I went to this talk with my mate Clare @johnbrowngroup.

Was very interesting. See… its posts like this that make me wish all of these wernt backdated. The entry I did for this one on my candiebandit blog was totally sick, i wrote up all my notes and everything.. grrr bloody interwebz.


I found this interesting article about an artist who decided to shun conventional distribution methods, for a different approach like Radioheads In Rainbows promotion by making making his latest album available for free download. It’s available on BitTorrent on sites like The Pirate Bay, with so-called ‘OiNK replacement’ site, What.cd, providing the album on ‘free leech’ to encourage more downloads.


The founder of 4chan, a controversial, uncensored online imageboard, describes its subculture, some of the Internet “memes” it has launched, and the incident in which its users managed a very public, precision hack of a mainstream media website. The talk raises questions about the power — and price — of anonymity.


Minority Report science adviser and inventor John Underkoffler demos g-speak — the real-life version of the film’s eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interface. Is this how tomorrow’s computers will be controlled?

Very cool

lolcode ‘INTERCAL’

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INTERCAL, a programming language parody, is an esoteric programming language that was created by Don Woods and James M. Lyon, two Princeton University students, in 1972. It satirizes aspects of the various programming languages at the time,[1] as well as the proliferation of proposed language constructs and notations in the 1960s. Consequently, the humor may appear rather dated to modern readers brought up with C or Java.

The worlds most expensive iPhone cases

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Outrageously priced iPhone cases. Published May 21, 2010. The rest of the article is worth reading but some of them are actually quite beautiful

4. Softbank BB Samurai iPhone cases

Luxury iPhone Cases - Softbank BB Samurai cases

Softbank BB is bringing the aesthetic appeal of traditional Japanese lacquerware to your iPhone. These five cases commemorate five famous samurai from Japan’s storied history—(from left to right) conquerer Oda Nobunaga; one-eyed warlord Date Masamune; tactician and “Dragon of Echigo,” Uesagi Kenshin; famed lover Naoe Kanetsugu and triumphant underdog Yukimura Sanada. The cases were created in collaboration with 350-year-old lacquerware company Zohiko and each design comes with a different cloth pouch.

Honorable Mention: exo2 Brass Engraved with Wood Insert – $150

Top 10 Luxury iPhone Cases - exo2 Brass Engraved with Wood Insert

Seen in an episode of Fox’s Fringe, “Brown Betty,” EXOvault’s metal iPhone cases are hand-made in Brooklyn, NY. Their latest and most expensive offering features a rosewood inset that provides better reception—and a more pleasing aesthetic—than the aluminum grills on their previous models. This particular model features a beautiful engraving above the insert’s dovetail joint. EXOvault also offers brass and aluminum cases for as low as $110.


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Loads of very good free minimal DnB tunes in 320kbps

100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

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Lovely article with tons of paper art. Here are my favourites:

4Chan Secrets

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