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I recommend downloading this one (I know Im bound to be biased, but we’e agreed this is one of the good ones so far…)

Chromatic and I had the MOST fun coming up with this show. To honor the meteor shower which took place while we were broadcasting 6TS#20, we themed the show all sky and star-like, so the WHOLE tracklist is related to stars, space and the cosmos. Listen out for new exclusive (AND TOTALLY AWESOME!) track by the one like Chromatic himself, titled Radient. Which is VERY relevant (although I only realised on hinesight. Doh.) Here is a wiki definition:

“Radiant (meteor shower):
The radiant or apparent radiant of a meteor shower is the point in the sky, from which (to a planetary observer) meteors appear to originate. The Perseids, for example, are meteors which appear to come from a point within the constellation of Perseus….An observer might see such a meteor anywhere in the sky but the direction of motion, when traced back, will point to the radiant. A meteor that does not point back to the known radiant for a given shower is known as a sporadic and is not considered part of that shower.”

Enjoy ♥

Chromatic and Candie – Six Towers Soul No.20

Recorded live on 2009-08-12 16:18:56 – (103.1 MB)
Description: Meteor Shower special…

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01 – Starburst 1.1 – John B
02 – Star Trails – Kemal & Rob Data
03 – Voyager – Makoto & T-AK
04 – Solar Reaction – Stakka & K Tee
05 – Quiet Star – Cyantific
06 – Rising Sun – Zero T
07 – Lost in Space – Syncopix
08 – Radiant – Chromatic
09 – Starlight – Netsky
10 – My Lightyear – Telemetrik
11 – Cruiseship To The Stars – Redeyes
12 – Mercury Skies – John B
13 – Space Coke – Telemetrik
14 – Middle of the Night – Evol Intent
15 – My Name Is Universe – Influx Datum
16 – Mission Control – Nu:Tone
17 – This Dark Matter – London Electricity
18 – BTTF: Black Gravity – Herbie Hancock
19 – Cosmos – Telemetrik
20 – Silver Spaceman – Spor
21 – Timewarp – Sub Focus
22 – Moon Clouds – Misanthrop
23 – Scream to The Stars – Concord Dawn & Chris Su
24 – Space Monkey – Ed Rush & Optical
25 – Planet Orion – Pendulum
26 – Lost Planet – Krone & Strago
27 – Star Sign – Moving Fusion
28 – Planet Music V.I.P (ft. MC Foxy & Adrok) – Danny Byrd
29 – Satellite Type2 – Commix
30 – TOTD: Wishing on a Star – 88.3 (Urban Shakedown RMX)
31 – Lucky Star – Leon Switch
32 – Wormhole – Ed Rush & Optical
33 – Another Planet – Pendulum

Chromatic’s Birthday Cake..

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Art, Music

Liv ‘n I made this for Chromatic’s Birthday, ages ago now, I just remembered cos I was showing someone.

For those of you that dun-no its a tribute to a Virus. Or sposed to be anyway.


<–  its one of them init.


Posted: July 29, 2009 in Music

It was a last minute decision this week, I had it in my head that I was too busy, but after a 14 hour (no break) day to get a pointless website up I decided it was time to leave the computer. Or at least pack it up and set it up in the lab. So here it is, a bonus Six Towers Soul this week.

6TS#17 <—– Click to DL

Chromatic and Candie – SIX TOWERS SOUL No.17
Recorded live on on 2009-07-22 17:01:42 – (63.6 MB)
Description: Last minute show, thought we wouldnt make it but managed it. Bonus 6TS this week!

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01 – Different – MRSA
02 – Trying Times – Logistics
03 – Your World – Metrik
04 – Brookes Bros & Futurebound – Dawn Treader
05 – Spor – Aztec
06 – Break – ReTech
07 – K Tee, Friction – The Bleeps
08 – Mercia – Lomax
09 – Phace – Cold Champagne
10 – BTTF: Dark Soldier – Renegade [Twisted Anger RMX]
11 – Beta2 – Innersense
12 – Warped – Saburuko [Instra:mental RMX]
13 – Instra:mental – Thugtonik
14 – Chromatic – Harsh Logic
15 – Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger [Burial RMX]

Things I made and stuff

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Art, Music

Yeah, I have bare issues with the logo, and had a bit of a debate about it with some of the family.

I also found out some interesting info that I didnt know about Nothing sensitive, just stuff I didnt know before. And now I am setting my mind on how to raise money for paying the server bills. If you are reading this and fancy helping (any pennies will do) just click on the donate button under this paragraph, or on the homepage of, otherwise look out for some events fundraising events I will be promoting when I have half a minute to think about it.

♦♥ ♣ ♠


The one like Gns set me up a bouncer for my IRC client. This is big news. I owe him whiskyz.

I am and Im stoked with my mask. I changed it with my newly aquired powers and am feeling rather smug at my knowledges. Big upz to the one like Gns

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠


Yeah I made this: Depot 14 Holding site

I wont rant about how much of a pointless nightmare it was, I will however mention that Amen was and is an angel.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

I forgot about this too:

It was for the boys, but they never used it. Im not bitter.

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Art, Music, Tech

Can I HAZ??!?

Visit Site

Basically this is the epitome of the feild I studied at Uni; Interactive design. Creating an interactive platform for the user to create whatever s/he feels. If that made sense. Ill have to blog some of my Uni projects, they were pretty crazy and I loved making them… Yeah Ill do that at some point.