Posted: January 7, 2011 in Art

This is such an exciting and awe inspiring video. I’m so impressed with this guy, who goes to great lengths – and heights, sometimes risking death – to fil his passion of  historical architecture which is not normally available for the every day public. Watching it incites the same feeling as the trespass which is synonymous with graffiti, but there seems to be no ulterior (or criminal) motive here. His intentions are simply to see stuff that other people havent. Amazing.


I was so enthralled by this, perhaps because I got in to graff when I was young through wanting to explore the abandoned buildings in my hometown of Brentford when I was growing up. I loved finding ways in and wandering round these bizar spaces, some of which felt they had been left in a hurry with documents still on the desks, chairs over turned, heavy machinery to what purpose i couldn’t fathom. I found pigeon graveyards littered with skeletons and bird carcasses lining the floor and tables, feathers waving in the wind from the broken windows. I loved looking through cupboards and trying to find some clues as to what the company was before it terminated. I climbed to the roof of one once, it was amazing, until I tripped on something – not too disastrously – but made me wonder if anyone would ever find me if I hurt myself. The thought scared me enough not to be so stupid. Anyway, this is where I started spraypainting. There were so many walls, and I wasn’t very good, so taking this pastime up somewhere where it wasn’t going to be seen and potentially ridiculed was perfect. Sometimes I would hear noises, rarely there would be other people in the buildings too but I always imagined they would be as shook by the sound of my cans as I was of hearing them, and our paths never crossed. Fortunately perhaps.

It made me think of London, and the underground tunnels that run for miles and miles and all the disused stations and how much I would love to see these, accompanied of course. I cant imagine how spooky these holes would be on your own in the dark. There are a lot of lost things in London, such as the River Westborne which was forced underground to build over it in the nineteenth century, but can still be seen in it huge square pipe running across the platform at Slone Square District line station.


Post edited 4th April 2013 4:50 am.

I cant sleep.

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