Back In Cologne

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Tech

Greetings from Cologne! I havent posted for a while. Guess Ive been too busy. Story of my life I spose 🙂
So here are some links.

I have always been a bit of a hater of war stuff, apart from playing that game with Ollie on the Xbox that I got fairly sucked into (not THAT sucked tho, I cant remember the name) any war film or whatever I would turn a blind eye to. However my Boy has got me into Band of Brothers, which is a 10 pt serise following the story of Easy Company, an American troop that got deported in France in WW2. Its filmed amazingly and before each episode it shows some interviews with the (now old) men who were actual members of E Company. Its actually amazing. I Didnt realise how much it would affect me. War is Dark. And the joke thing is that watching these young boys story, its so upsetting how the greater tale of the second world war which we are taught at school is pretty much irrelevant. Every man subscribed to war, no matter what country they were fighting for has the same story of death and survival. I studied the WW1 poet Edward Thomas for A level, and was intregued by his poetry. Its deep. (if you dont know, get to know) and I think nearly 7 years after these studies some stuff has only just clicked. My grandad on my Mums side was in Burma and had to crawl among snakes and stuff, my Grandad on my Dads side was  POW and escaped. Crazy how their storys are shortened to one sentace each. Not crazy, Sad.
This isnt news, its just made me think.

Wiki of Band Of Brothers

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So on the same theme (WW2) I was reading this today. Its a BBC article about Alan Turing, a WW2 code-breaker whos work was amazing, but was overlooked by his sexuality. Its pretty crazy. BBC are on it about the ww2 code breakers, I just found another article here. (Maybe im missing something, is it an anniversary or something?)

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So I’d better move on, Its all got a bit deep in here….

This is awesome:
Its an advert for Audi A4 2.0 TDI Intelligently Combined German TDV.

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Amen linked me to this:

(Damnit I cant embed it.) Click the link
Its a little clip from a Capoira vs. Kung Fu fight. ABSOLUTLY fucking hilarious. 1 guess who wins…
Pure crease up.

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OK so Im WELL excited about THIS!!!!

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…and not too sure what to make of this article by Jack Schofield:
“The key part of the spec is obviously that it has 299 Swarovski crystals, rather than the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, 1GB of memory, 100GB hard drive, or unnamed processor (a Mobile Sempron 3400+). It’s the ideal machine for taking to those Apple/Microsoft/Linux developer conferences….”

Hello Kitty Notebook with diamonds. Serious.

Hello Kitty Notebook with diamonds. Serious.

Massive LOllbOtz!!!

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