Sick timelaps art stuff…

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Art, My Work

Diggin into my YouTube Playlist here a bit with some arty stuff thats just rad.

However, watching these again reminded me of some good times I had with an ex of mine. I wonder how he is now. We used to paint and draw all the time. This video is of a wall at the school he was living at (it was actually the old Chelsea College of Art building where I did my foundation. Random but cool. In fact below freezing in the winter.) He had this room that was an old classroom and one of the walls was dedicated to drawing on. Check the video:
Good times. Eclipsed….

my drawing wall part 1
>> wow thats really shit. WordPress doesnt embed myspace videos… Sorry, it’ll open in a new tab if you click it tho.

So yeah, then there are these similar ideas on YouTube. Theres actually shit loads. Here is a few examples:

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