So I made a blog

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Art, Tech

I gave in. Yeah Im a web designer /css artist /themer /design snob, but I realised these are the things that are holding me back. I tried to build my website to look like a blog. On retrospect, that was pretty silly.

So here it is. My first blog post.

So what was the catylist that made me back down on my stubbourness? Well, recently loads of stuff keeps happening, really cool stuff and I get excited about life on the regular. I wanted to post stuff, so that I can look back and remember when and where stuff happened.

Last night Rob was online and he linked me loads of amazingly cool shit, I keep squirreling links away in silly bookmark folders rearly to be dug out again, when thats actually what a blog is for. Isnt it. Yes. Im an idiot.

So my first post is a bunch of links courtesy of the one like Murky.
Thanks Rob. You made me do something.


This is exceptional. Just watch:
I mean what the fuck? Looks like an animation right? False. This is real. Check the blog (in fact this blog is fucking rad. Check the post about the gel smoke stuff. Thats super awesome) Link to blog with all the infos and that

This is a beautiful and scary blog post about the most dangerous roads in the world. Its pretty fucking cool: Link to the most dangerous roads in the world blog

There was another one about time which I didnt get to watch from beginning to end. Ill grab it from him when he’s next online.


Heres a sick link from my brother: Check the other products too. I want one. so I can pretend I am a borrower.
Link to Cap Chair site


Also: drugs. We are in the generation where everyones on them, I wont deny my dabbles with them. Obviously such activities carry a risk, right? Well, if youre woried about going to jail how about getting some of these drugs:
I have heard from a tested source (dnbradio crew. You know who you are) that its a bit like Coke and MDMA, and cos its like a ‘new’ drug, theres no laws on it yet. Youre brain might deteriorate (they do that anyway right?) but at least you wont get arrested.


So yeah, Amen on DnBradio (my apparent future husband) linked me to this too:

What is it? Its the largest portable outdoor cinema. Ill transcribe: “[01:20] the thing in the front is the screen, it can be raised till it looks like a real cinema screen | the construction weights about 80 tons | looks exactly like it is at the pic | 1 more week to go and its finished, then its opened for one month | and in inly 3 days we take it apart and ship it to dubai | 2500 seats | built in restaurants n bars | its really huge | the screen has like 400m² | monumental, can tell ya | 🙂 ”
Check the timelaps of it being put up


Yeah I really should do a backpost for this one. This was another important event that made me realise how important it is that I do a blog. Without sounding like a total egotistical and arrogant twat, I seem to manage to find myself in the thick of crazy situations, I tend to accidentaly stumble accross shit thats hectic or crazy or edgy. Wether I seek it or it seeks me I am not yet sure…

Anyway, I stumbled across the Ann Keen Squat which was at the top of my road. Hung out there a whole bunch with the crew of squaters. Lovely guys. I actually have shit loads to write about this post cos loads of shit went down. But right now I cant be arsed. So heres a link to something so you can have some background knowledge: The Keen Squat and ting


Fucking hell man. There is so much more I want to post. I feel a little like Ive just releaved some blogging constipation. But yeah, I think Ill leave it there 🙂

Till next time


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